Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Language concerning them is too.

Since 1 BCH is worth over $100 and Bitcoin Cash claims to be a cryptocurrency meant for spending, a full bitcoin is too large to speak about a cup of coffee (0.037 BCH), or a $100 restaurant tab (0.743 BCH).

If instead we decided on a new unit, one much smaller than the bitcoin, it would be easier for humans to reason about their savings. That $100 restaurant bill is 742,879 bits. The coffee is only 37,129 bits.

Grumbles within the community make it seem we're moving towards a new & more graspable unit of account, but what it will be called is still in the air. Some like bits, it's been a consideration for years now. Some like cash, to seperate from Bitcoin (BTC) & highlight Bitcoin Cash as digital cash. I find using cash as a unit makes for confusing conversation when someone asks you to pay in cash.

Did you mean Bitcoin Cash or US Dollars?

1 bit is 11,000,000 BCH is 1 cash
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