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Why do you price things in bits?

Bits are easier to think about than fractions of bitcoins. Around here we prefer bits over cash, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

Why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of BTC?

Bitcoin Cash, with its larger 32MB blocksize, allows for innovative uses of the blockchain priced out of the equation with Bitcoin (BTC)’s higher fees and ~1.4MB blocksize.

Do you accept regular money?

Payment options for Bitcoin Cash, PayPal, and credit card are available on checkout page. All major credit cards are accepted.

Why are you selling a Metallica CD for $3?

Not everyone has access to good music. When you can get a copy of the Black Album for $2 less than sending a Tinder thot $5 to “see what happens,” that’s a bargain.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, returns are accepted for any reason. Ship back any purchase in new condition for a full refund, minus initial shipping costs. Items purchased in Bitcoin Cash are refunded at the exchange rate on the day of request. Requests may be made to

Do you have a sizing chart?

A size chart is in the works. In the mean time, measurement information may be obtained via email:

What's your stance on privacy?

It’s a good thing. We don’t use tracking cookies, and we don’t sell your purchase history to third parties. “But everyone else is doing it” isn’t an appealing enough argument.

Where were you on August 1, 2017?

Is that really any of your business?

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